DENTALCAST – Завод Зуботехнических материалов

Dental Materials Plant





Making of models in orthopedic dentistry and implantology.

«DENTALCAST» 10 (type 2) – used in orthopedic dentistry for making of diagnostic models, imitation casts and immobilizing dressings.


«DENTALCAST» 30 / «DENTALCAST» – Arti 30 is intended for making of diagnostic and working models of the jaws in the technology of removable dental prosthetics, for fixing models  in the articulator.


«DENTALCAST» 40, type 4 – to form the base of the working models.

«DENTALCAST» 50 (type 4) – heavy-duty dental gypsum with low expansion rate for models and dies. Intended for making of combined collapsible gypsum models of jaws and dies for prosthetics with metal-ceramic and all-ceramic prostheses.