INDICAST – Завод Зуботехнических материалов

Завод Зуботехнических материалов





Indicastis used in dental laboratories for making of models and for auxiliary work at making of dental orthopedic products for prosthetics and implantology. This material is intended for fixing all-ceramic restorations during firing in furnace.



Fill with paste the inner surface of the crown to its borders. Press the pin into the paste so that it is firmly held in it. Remove excess paste with spatula or other convenient tool. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the pin remains in locked (fixed) state. If the paste gets on the outer surface of the restoration, carefully remove the excess paste with brush dipped in water. Wait until the restoration surface dries, or dry it with lint-free cloth or any other suitable material. Install restoration in the honeycomb firing tray and perform  firing  in  accordance  with  t h e recommendations of the ceramic manufacturer. Fixing  paste  perfor ms  its  funct ion  at  temperatures up to 1100 0С.


Syringe with paste (12 ml) -1 pc.