LABOMARK – Завод Зуботехнических материалов

Dental Materials Plant






Liquid paper marker is used in dental laboratories for making of models and for auxiliary work at making of dental orthopedic products for prosthetics and implantology. This material is intended to determine the accuracy of fitting crowns, inlays, onlays, telescopic crowns, clasps, friction surfaces of movable mounts, as well as to clarify occlusion. Liquid paper marker marks areas of the frame that interfere with tight contact, areas on crowns, secondary parts, approximate contacts, basal contacts of bridge links, occlusal contacts, for subsequent correction of protruding areas, when pairing a molded denture frame with a gypsum model, to register contact points on polished gold or ceramic surfaces. To dilute liquid paper marker while increasing its viscosity, Labomarksolvent is used.



Liquid paper marker is viscous, easily volatile liquid based on isopropyl alcohol and ethyl acetate, painted in white, red, blue or green, which when dried gives non-shrink film. Film formation time is not more than 3 minutes. The film thickness of one marker layer is not more than 10 microns. Provides uniform cover of contact areas and is easily washed off with water.



Flask with liquid paper marker (15 ml) – 1 pc.

Flask with solvent (15 ml) – 1 pc.