PATTERNPLAST LC – Завод Зуботехнических материалов

Dental Materials Plant





– modelling of secondary parts of telescopic crowns, inlays, onlays, various parts of clasp  prostheses;

– modelling of adhesive bridges of the mery-land type;

– modelling of crown-root inlays;

– modelling of structures during post-implant prosthetics;

–  making  of  temporary  joints  of  soldered structures;

– blocking undercuts, etc .;

–  making  of  pin  structures  using  the  direct method.



light-cured, made in the form of paste based on methacrylate oligomers.

The materials are ready-to-use painted light-cured pastes which include: polyurethane

acrylate; light curing activators; stabilizers; technological additives providing optimal consistency; dye.

The materials have the following advantages:

short cure time;

low polymerization shrinkage;

easy modeled and applied directly from the nozzle of dosing syringe;

well distinguishable on the model;

after curing easy processed with abrasive tools;

burn without residue during heating of the mold.

Materials cure under the influence of light source emitting in the wavelength range of 360 –

500 nm.



Paste (syringe) (5 g) – 1 pc.

Needles – 3 pc.