PATTERNPLAST – Завод Зуботехнических материалов

Dental Materials Plant






– inlays and overlays, lingual and vestibular arches, clasps and splint arches, as well as other parts of arch prostheses;

– secondary parts of telescopic crowns;

– adhesive bridges of the meryland type;

– crown-root inlays;

– constructions for post-implant prosthetics.



The material is white powder and blue liquid, where ethyl methacrylate is used as the main component of the liquid.

This type of resin is distinguished by short gel formation and polymerization time, low polymerization shrinkage, and almost complete absence of ash after model combustion. When modeling, the resin holds well onthe model and contrasts with it due to its blue color.




Flask with liquid (100 ml ) – 1 pc.

Flask with powder (2 х 50 g) – 1 pc.

Pipette – 1 pc.

Spoon/dosing cap – 1 pc.