PHOTOTRAY – Завод Зуботехнических материалов

Dental Materials Plant





Making individual impression trays.



“PHOTOTRAY” is made in the form of soft plates of high filled paste. The material is made on the basis of light-curing polymer matrix of methacrylate oligomers and an inorganic filler. The composition of the material includes: modified fine filler (> 85%), initiating system, radical polymerization stabilizer, coloring agent and perfume. The material is easy modeled and formed, does not stick to hands and tools, and fits most modern curing lamps. After light curing, impression trays formed from the material have high dimensional stability, high flexural strength (curing depth at least 2,5 mm, bending strength at least 20 MPA), working time at least 5 minutes.



Plates – 20 pc.